Beside  investment  activities  in  real estate  and  finance,  education  is  an important sector and a focus for Hoang Quan to develop. Our objectives include:
Contributing to the development of the country’s education, the building of a foundation of young intellects and the cultivation of future generations. 
Meeting  the  needs  for  education and  training,  completing  facilities, maximizing life values at the projects deployed by Hoang Quan.
With these criteria, Hoang Quan has deployment  the  investment  in  the Mekong  Delta  University,  Long  An University of Economics and Industry, Phan  Thiet  University,  Institute  for Development  of Talents  and  Human 
Resources (ITH), Western Southern Asia Vocational School of Economics and Technology, Mui Ne Tourism Vocational School,  etc.  We  have  also  invested in the system of kindergartens at the company’s project’s sites. Especially, in 
2010, Hoang Quan Group established the Hoang Quan Learning Promotion Fund in order to encourage learning and  talents,  accompanying  with  the students on their learning journey.

So  far  Hoang  Quan’s  policies  in education investment has been creating enormous  values  with  far-reaching impact in the communities.Long An University of Economics and Industry,  Phan  Thiet  University,  ITH, 
Western   Southern  Asia  Vocational School of Economics and Technology, Mui Ne Tourism Vocational School have all been going into operation, supplying quality workforce for local markets. In Can Tho, Mekong Delta University has 
been  completed  and  is  planning  for the 1st phase of recruitment. Mekong Delta University is aimed to be one of the modern and biggest universities in the Mekong Delta with highly qualified teaching  staff  and  curriculums  of 
international standards.
In addition, the system of kindergartens in HQC Plaza, HQC Hoc Mon, HQC Nha Trang, HQC Binh Minh, etc. will also be put into use since 2016, meeting the educational needs of the residents also contributing to the comprehensive 
development of the projects’ facilities.
At the same time, Hoang Quan Learning Promotion  Fund  has  positive  and dynamic activities. Since its foundation, the Fund has contributed more than VND 6 billion to the education promotion funds of other organizations. In 2015 
alone, the Fund contributed more than VND 2.3 billion. In the meantime, at each  civil  project  site  deployed  by the company, the Fund established a scholarship  fund  exclusively  for  the children of the residents. 


Hoang Quan Mekong Economic-Technical Intermediary School 

Investor: Hoang Quan Mekong Consulting-Trading-Real Estate Company 
Location: The school is located in lot 1D-1C of Binh Minh Industrial Park, Vinh Long Province.  
Total investment capital: 73 billions VND 
Scale: The project has the total area of 2.58 ha in which the total area of the land lot is 25,800 m2 
Standby land fund for development:  4,966 m2 
Total construction area:  5,105 m2 
Gross Floor Area:   10,738 m2 
Construction density:  20% 
Green tree density:  35% 
Height of the works:  14.3 m 
Components of the works: Executive Building, Practice Classrooms, Theory Classrooms, Meeting Halls, Sports Area, Canteen, Parking Area, Guardian House, Internal Road, Landscape. 


Southwest Asia Economic-Technical Intermediary School (under operation) 
Total investment capital: VND 6.5 billion

Location: 254 Le Trong Tan, Tan Phu District, Ho Chi Minh City 

Project scope:
The school boasts a total area of use of 7,940m2, 94 functional rooms including learning room, halls, library, theory learning room, experiment room, computer room.
The school offers 11 major fields with 20 special field. The school can organize the training of 4,000 students at the same time. The school has been operative since 2007. 

Long An Economic Industrial University (under operation) 
Location: National Highway No. 1A, Khanh Hau ward, Tan An town, Long An province

Project scope:
Long An University of Economics and Industry is a multi-sectored one with different levels. Currently the university is offering 23 majors with 40 lecture hall with the capacity of 5,000 students per session, 500 modern computers, a library of 1,500m2  and more than 10 laboratories. 
Perspective of Long An Economic and Technology University
Mekong Delta University

Investor: Hoang Quan Consulting - Trading - Service Real Estate Company

Total investment capital:  VND 350 billion 
Location: Thuong Thanh Residential, Cai Rang district, Can Tho City

Perspective of Mekong River Delta Region University 

The site includes an administration section, a management section, a special department that cover: managerial zone, the hall, sports center (3 storeys), hostel (fulfilling up to 20% of total students), department of economics and accounting management, department of science, department of construction, department of information technology (5 storeys).
In 2016, the university will recruit the first generation of students with a total number of 3,000 students for the 1st phase and 10,000 students for the 2nd phase. 

Head quarters: 268 Nguyen Thong, Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan Province 

Project scope: 
Phan Thiet University has an area of nearly 4ha including 6 departments, a human resource center, a sports center, a hostel (fulfilling up to 400 students), and a system of restaurants, hotels and ecological tourism sector. 
Phan Thiet University is the first and only university in Binh Thuan Province. Beside its headquarters in 268 Nguyen Thong, the university is extended and building its second establishment of nearly 5ha on 706B street, Phu Tai Ward, Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan Province. 


Headquarters: 254 Le Trong Tan, Tay Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District, HCMC 
Overall description: ITH is an organization of science and technology belonging to Vietnam Association of Development of Talents and Human Resources. The organization was established in accordance with the Law of Science and Technology. The organization is headed by Associate Professor cum Ph.D. Bui Ngoc Oanh. 
• Organizing the research of different topics, applying and deploying achievements and results in scientific and technological research locally and internationally to develop talents and human resources. 
• Organizing the activities of human resources and talents training. 
• Organizing the activities of consulting, service, propaganda, and communication of scientific knowledge in human resources and talent training.


Area: 32,069m2
Address: 268 Nguyen Thong, Phu Hai Ward, Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan Province
Project scope:

The school can organize the training for 3,000 students at the same time with a system of 18 lecture halls, 3 computer rooms, a multimedia room, a laboratory and a sports center.

Hoang Quan – Vinh Long Vocational Training Center 
Hoang Quan – Binh Thuan Vocational Training Center

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