With 15 years of experience in real estate and with a strategic vision toward stable development, Hoang Quan has pushed forward investment in social housing, taking it as the key product. Currently Hoang Quan is the pioneer in developing social housing throughout the South with a total of fifteen focus projects and more than 15,000 apartments introduced to the market.

Given the pioneering position and strong  brand  in  this  segment,  Hoang Quan is going to grasp this opportunity and push toward more investment in social housing. Beside social housing as the key product, Hoang Quan is also investing in different forms of real estate such as commercial housing (The  Urban -  Mekong  Delta University  Zone,  Binh  Minh  Riverside Urban Zone, Grandora Tower, etc.) and a chain of clean industrial zones including Binh Minh Industrial Zone (Vinh Long, 162ha), Ham Kiem I Industrial Zone (Binh Thuan, 146.2ha). At the same time, Hoang Quan is cooperating with Indochina Real Estate  Investment  and  Development Company to build Golden King Commercial - Service - Office building in the Phu My Hung Urban Zone (HCMC). Taking advantage of the opportunities coming from trade agreements such as the Trans-Pacific  Strategic  Economic  Partnership Agreement (TPP),  Vietnam-EU   Free Trade Agreement (VEFTA) and ASEAN Economic  Community (AEC),  Hoang Quan will take the investment wave with huge capital flow into Vietnam by the head to make more groundbreaking leaps in the coming time. 


-       Investment and business in real estate: Residential area, Industrial parks, Buildings for Office - Commerce - Services etc.
-       Marketing, distribution and management of real estate, real estate brokerage.


-       Appraisal of real estate, estate, investment projects.
-       Property auction service, market research.


-       Consulting and implementing real estate services, legal consultancy.
-       Authorized representative of the customer involved in the proceedings in accordance with law.


-       Design civil - industrial engineering works, project planning of urban     areas and industrial zones.
-       Consulting,  managing  and  developing  the  investment  projects, supervision of construction works


-        Leveling construction, transport infrastructure, construction of civil works.
-        Design and construction of interior - exterior works, building materials business.


-       Contribute capital and acquisitions.
-       Financial investments and securities.


-       Investment and development of education: universities, colleges, vocational schools, kindergartens.
-       Cooperation and training for human resource development.

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